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Auxesis Group unveils World’s Largest Blockchain Network, AUXLEDGER!

India — Auxesis Group, India’s leading Enterprise Blockchain Company and among the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies in the world announces its unique offering called Auxledger

AuxLedger Inter-chain portability mechanism

What is Auxledger?

Auxledger is an enterprise grade Blockchain infrastructure developed by Auxesis Group, built for security, performance and scalability. It is equipped with IPFS Capabilities, supports interchain portability and bridging, a turing complete smart contract and support to create multiple digital assets.It is  an open source infrastructure that can be utilised by any enterprise as well as government to build blockchain applications over it. It is an enterprise ready blockchain solution with industry specific plugins ranging for industries ranging from finance to supply chain. It has the capability to create a private subnet on a private blockchain for any enterprise along with the potential to take over any public ledger.It aims to revolutionise a series of public and private sector use cases in India, including Identity Management, Remittance, Asset management, Supply Chain, Wearables in Defence, HealthTech, Education and Finance. It’s compliance with the specifications of Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) and governments makes it the most credible infrastructure for deployment.

AuxLedger business ready plugins

 “We are grateful to the State Governments of India that manage the administration of one of the fastest growing economy in the world, for its  whole-hearted  support in the deployment of Auxledger for the benefit distribution system.” - Akash Gaurav, CEO, Auxesis Group. The identity management of Indian citizens is digitized in the form of Aadhaar ID. “Auxledger is the blockchain infrastructure over which a scholarship and Benefit Distribution Application has been built for the governments.” - Sudhir Chaudhary, SVP, Technology, Auxesis Group.

About Auxesis Group

Auxesis, established in 2015 and among the very first players in India focussing over building Blockchain solutions initially with the aim of research and development of the nascent technology while soon emerged as an enterprise grade Blockchain solution providing company with the help of partner organisations. Auxesis is now deeply focussing on Blockchain solutions with its enterprise grade infrastructure, focused on production-readiness: security, performance and scalability. The Blockchain powers decentralised applications on a network tailored to the specific needs of an industry and use case.

As businesses grow, they need a secured and transparent financial system.  The Blockchain has given us a complete shift to an era of programmable assets, enabling trust online, ownership of digital data, money, identity and contracts and Auxesis Group, the leader in the blockchain industry in India enables the embrace of this new technology in the system. Auxesis Group provides features that all the companies need while being easy to use and easy to implement. Follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn & Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and Like us on Facebook.

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