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Consolidation of Longevity innovators at the DAYS.exchange Oxford Longevity Conference

Consolidation of Longevity innovators at the DAYS.exchange Oxford Longevity Conference

On the occasion of the Queen Elizabeth 92nd Birthday, there was The DAYS.EXCHANGE Longevity Conference held at the Oxford University. Life Science Knights of the Round Table are going to accelerate quest for the Holy Grail of rejuvenation.

It was an open discussion with participation of Oxford Scientific fellows and guests from around the world on how to validate the most effective technologies in the field of Longevity and 4P Medicine, and how to make health insurance more equitable.

Avi Roy, the Chairman of the Oxford Scientific Society opened DAYS Oxford Longevity Conference with speech on blockchain technologies able to assure transparency and validation of longevity technologies.

 Bioviva CEO Liz Parrish had presented the extraordinary potential of novel longevity technologies. Gene therapy, which Liz had experienced, may be the Holy Grail of rejuvenation.

Tina Woods of  Collider Health presented UK healthspan ecosystem, to be backed by UK funds. Collider Health is working with Innovate UK to develop a strategic ecosystem for the Healthy Ageing Grand Challenge Fund (£98 million), to help corporates, start-ups, third sector and investors form strategic partnerships and facilitate smart investment for long term, sustainable impact.

Omar Fogliadini of Suisse Life Science, had revealed the features of AI driven app, linked with health data, providing online lifestyle anti-aging recommendation.

DAYS is to gather the best in the world solutions that prevent, halt or reverse age-related diseases. These solutions will be united by DAYS AI named “I Am”.

Stated initiative is in line with Apple’s HealthKit, a framework designed to house healthcare apps and integrate date from both. And Google Fit, a health-tracking platform that aggregates data from all of the user's health and fitness apps.

 Beyond demonstrating promising recent developments, the Conference will uniquely explore the qualitative and quantitative criteria for the assessment of emerging longevity diagnostics and therapies.

Oxford Longevity Conference is a pre-event for the Longevity Impact Forum organized in order to create a blockchain platform for longevity investments.  www.liforum.org

Marin Livadaru, the DAYS.exchange founder, and Goara Karapetian from King’s College London, answered questions of auditoriums

About us.
The DAYS project offers an alternative system in which you can get DAYS AI recommendations and solutions for healthy behavior. These solutions will be provided free of charge, for DAYS loyal contributors, contributed by dissemination of DAYS messaging or charity.

DAYS.exchange is a blockchain ecosystem aimed at to incentivizing people to adopt longevity technologies and share health data, for DAYS AI to become smartest in longevity related issues. That will lead to free 4P medicine promised by DAYS for loyal contributors since 2022.

DAYS.exchange partners(SuisseLifeScience.com, Lifedata.ai) are providing ready-to-use solutions.

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