Future of cloud computing is decentralised blockchain - Part 2

Future of cloud is decentralised blockchain

Future of cloud computing is decentralized blockchain - Part 1, we looked at promising cloud storage projects. In this last part of this series, we will see few more projects that are redefining the cloud computing. Not just because they are making storage available over blockchain but because of the amount of innovation these projects are bringing in to decentralizing cloud platform and enabling different web services and marketplaces. If you are a developer then these projects are also offering SDK to help leverage and monetize their platform.
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DFINITY - The Decentralized Cloud

DFINITY snip from the website
DFINITY snip from the website

Ethereum blockchain brings the technology that makes it work as giant blockchain computer. Dfinity takes this concept further to imagining massive and extremely performant global blockchain computer that world can share that can compete with centralized cloud platforms such as AWS by Amazon, GCP by Google and AZURE by Microsoft. Essentially  DFINITY is already being considered as cloud 3.0 paradigm in which the Internet acts as a computational resource with new properties that can run business systems, applications, and a new type of open source autonomous business. DIFINITY already secure $61 in funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital.

Refer to DFINITY white paper here for more details.

├Žlf - Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network

aelf snip from the aelf presentation

DAPP (Distributed Apps) was made possible using smart-contracts on Ethereum platform. However, performance is still not as compared to traditional PC operating systems that enable centralized cloud platforms. The current problem is the performance with hand-in-hand with scalability. The aelf is trying to bring commercial-scale performance, self-evolving capabilities, resource segregation and cross-chain communication. The core ideas of aelf include categorizing node types according to their roles, one chain to one scenario by introducing side-chains, efficient parallel processing to meet commercial-scale applications, highly efficient cross-chain mechanism. If aelf is successful in their roadmap then there is no doubt that it will be one of the best blockchain operating systems for dapps.

iExec - Blockchain-based Decentralized Cloud Computing

iExec snip from the website
iExec snip from the website

iExec, a French startup, is trying to reinvent the concept of cloud computing by building next generation of IT infrastructure. The project resides on top of Ethereum blockchain platform. It has recently released SDK to help developers to develop dapp on RLC. iExec is bringing two biggest trends cloud computing and blockchain together by creating a market based on the smart contract to rent out processing power as an alternative to AWS, GCP, and AZURE. Creating a marketplace is the biggest thing considering near unlimited supply of computing power using blockchain based ledgers and smart-contract. The technology also uses XtremWeb HEP for concurrent and distributed computing. iExec is powered by RLC token. To use RLC platform, the user needs to have RLC token and anyone renting computing resources to iExec will be paid using RLC tokens.

You can download iExec white paper here.

STOKIT - Decentralized cloud storage

STOKIT snip from the website
STOKIT snip from the website

Stokit is decentralized cloud storage where users can rent their machine resources to peers. STOKIT is similar to other projects that we visited in Part 1 of this series, where files can be shared or stored peer-to-peer by renting one's machine resources, files are encrypted and a single file is not stored on one computer on the network, it is rather split in different encrypted chunks.One of the key differentiators of this project is that it is based on NEO blockchain platform rather than Ethereum block. NEO provides faster transaction processing as compared to Ethereum. More about Neo later.

Decentralized web services. / DADI

DADI snip from the website
DADI snip from the website

DADI stands for a centralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet. It is a decentralized cloud platform and focused on the provision of web services to help build, scale and grow digital products. According to their white-paper DADI web services are already in production and they were profitable even before their crowdsale for DADI tokens. DADI implements fog computing structure where a pool of devices is connected to the internet. This is one of the most promising projects that we have seen so far to build enable cloud on the blockchain. DADI platform is powered by DADI token. Their crowdsale is completed recently. DADI claims to dramatically reduce the cost of cloud computing resources.

We know that there are too many projects on blockchain out there. If you have come across any other promising project then do drop us a note by visiting the contact page or write a comment below so that everyone from our reader base will know about your blockchain project disrupting the cloud computing.

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