What is industrial Revolution 4.0?

What is industrial Revolution 4.0?

When Germany launched a project under the name INDUSTRIE 4.0 to digitalize manufacturing in the Hannover Messe in the year 2011, the government representatives, industry leaders, and academics who were working on the project likely had no idea that Industry 4.0 and specifically that 4th industrial revolution would become such a widely used concept.

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Smart business or INDUSTRY 4.0 pertains to the technological advancement from embedded systems to cyber physiological systems. INDUSTRIE 4.0 represents the technological revolution on how the Internet of things, data, and services work together. The injection of AI, hyper-connectedness, and data analysis into how things (connected objects), machines, communicate, act and lead to actionable insights with an omnipresence of the Internet of Everything in virtually every piece of machine is Industry 4.0.

The Industrial Internet, as a term coined by American industrial giant GE, looked pretty similar to Industry 4.0. Boston Consulting Group's definition of Industry 4.0 refers to the convergence and application of nine digital industrial technologies: advanced robotics, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, simulation, horizontal/vertical integration, Industrial Internet, the cloud, cybersecurity, and Big Data and Analytics.

The distinction between Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet is that, initially, the Industrial Internet has been seen as the 3rd industrial innovation wave. The Industrial Internet, what's called the 4th Industrial Revolution in Industry 4.0.

What makes all of it more fascinating is the convergence of two worlds that have been disconnected thus so far. Information Technology and operational technology with the hyper-connected digital industry, the bridging of digital and physical spaces, cyber-physical production systems, and the Industrial IoT as parts that describe this 4th industrial revolution. Even though the term Industry 4.0 and the reference structure model behind it originate from Germany and there's a major key focus on production and manufacturing.

But the concept of industry 4.0 is no longer limited to manufacturing but will be affecting the lives of every living being on earth. It is clear that the vision - and reality - of the 4th industrial revolution has caught the attention of organizations across the world and the scope extends de facto beyond manufacturing, let alone factories.  Each revolution, based on the progress made in the previous era and the 4th industrial revolution is no different. The effects of the 4th industrial revolution are expected to be much more profound, for much better and for the worse, than what we've ever seen.

Welcome to Industry 4.0 or Industrial revolution 4.0. 

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