Cisco-Google hybrid cloud partnership views

Cisco-Google hybrid cloud partnership views

Hybrid clouds are the way to go but there are many challenges in supporting hybrid cloud model.

Amazon is the king of cloud in today's dominating cloud computing market. Google cloud wants to catch up to Amazon web services. Cisco is facing a major threat from cloud services. At one time, Cisco had trumped Microsoft to become world's most valuable publicly traded business. Few years back, most of the companies and data-centers were dependent on Cisco equipment. Now same companies or rather we say most of the current requirements from companies are increasingly renting cloud services. There are obvious advantages that cloud brings in. Everyone tries to take inherent benefits of cloud computing environment. To expand, third party vendor takes care of managing workloads and infrastructure security. Add to it was the latest tie up between VMware and Amazon, and the future looked not so bright. With its software defined data centre approach, VMware pose a definite scare to cloud players such as Cisco. Cisco might be running out of options. 

EMC was a key Cisco partner at one time, but today Dell Technologies owns it. Both have pioneered distinct eras of net, and promise to provide something different. With companies and customers demanding different tools to manage on the premise software and people on cloud. It was also necessary to address security issues in cloud. Adding a Cisco network and security applications over Google's programming technology will greatly help companies manage thier software services running either in their very own data centers or in facilities operated by external cloud services. Cisco has long list of corporate clients. The deal gives Google inroads with Cisco's large corporate clients by helping enteprises to overcome existing data centre technology with the Google Cloud, in a Hybrid cloud model. But obstacle in beating Amazon is that it never slackens, and Google knows it's mountains to climb. This technological partnership will bridge their two technological worlds, in an attempt to catch up with Amazon Web Services and its domination of the rapidly growing cloud computing marketplace. 

Google and Cisco technology partnership will make it simpler for Cisco clients to move their applications and data in the Google Cloud platform.  This step is particularly aggressive towards the Microsoft Azure cloud, which prides itself on its hybrid cloud capacities. Remember Azure stack! 

For Cisco, it is the first cloud computing partnership of its kind that the company has ever signed. Many Of the search giant's venture capital money is going towards hybrid cloud startups, and Google Cloud is signing partnerships with companies such as VMware to grow their hybrid capacities. Cisco lacks a public cloud platform of its own, with its $1 billion Intercloud project shutting down earlier this year amid pressure from AWS. 

The hybrid cloud offering will allow applications and services to be deployed, managed and secured across on premises environments and the Google Cloud Platform. Google services, including the Google Container Engine is based on the open source Kubernetes system, might be utilized to let clients move and manage workloads between on on-premise data centers and Google Cloud. This partnership specifically concentrates and provides the latest focus of Google on the Kubernetes Container orchestration tool, incubated by Google in addition to Istio Service Mesh to connect and secure the micro services over the clouds. This hybrid cloud delivery partnership to deliver a solution which will apparently help clients make the majority of their investments across cloud and on premises environments. The Hybrid Initiative further allows users to leverage Cisco's private cloud to deploy and manage container clusters orchestrated by Kubernetes. 

Google is still widely considered the number three player in the cloud computing wars. The deal will not change the landscape instantly! 

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