Cloud migration: How to think in data context?

Cloud migration: How to think in data context?

The trend to move to cloud has become more obvious in past few years. Quick Google search yields many cloud survey reports by industry leaders.

Among many items that form part of cloud migration strategies, few major bullets are Data, Applications, Cost, Compliance and Regulations (DACR, its my way of looking at big picture). For this article, what we would like to focus is Data. It is core of every business around the globe.

Every business either serves the data to customer or gathers data from customer. This data is further stored and analyzed for business purposes. In layman's terms, it is important to understand Five W's (Who, What, When, Where and Why ?) of data that one plans to migrate to cloud. These W bullets expanded below,
  • Whose data or user data we plan to migrate to cloud?
  • What kind of data we plan to migrate to cloud? and
  • What are the expected SLAs for durability, availability and accessibility of migrated data?
  • What are the regulatory requirements? and what are security assuming data under migration is sensitive personal data/information? e.g. Public data with governments or banking sectors.
  • Where or location this data will be store in the cloud? Encrypted or not encrypted?
  • When this data needs to be accessible? and finally,
  • Why do we want to move data to cloud itself? and few more bonus probes,
  • How do we plan to move this data? If data is in Petabytes then do we have all necessary NDA or contracts in place. AWS snowball, Azure import/export comes to mind and
  • How consumer is going to transact (CRUD) on this data once migrated to cloud?
These are very deep probing questions. They lead to further details which one should not ignore. Indeed, there are many other complex aspects one has to deal with cloud migration. But what one would or can do without thinking about data?

In next article, we will look into challenges one might face in migrating data to cloud!

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