HP-UX depothelper to download dependencies for open source ports

I always needed to install gcc, bash and wget on HP-UX. Open source ports of most of such kind of softwares are available for download at http://hpux.connect.org.uk/.

However, installing any of these requires satisfying different dependencies from http://hpux.connect.org.uk

Depothelper is one such tool from http://hpux.connect.org.uk. It downloads all required dependencies required for your pre-complied depots from http://hpux.connect.org.uk/

Below is the example for installing gcc from http://hpux.connect.org.uk/. It eventually failed to install gcc but that was due to space constraints and requires some amount of work. But below example suffice to explain the overall concept and working of Depothelper tool.

(root@hp-box)[/My_Depots] swinstall -s /My_Depots/depothelper-2.00-ia64-11.31.depot depothelper

=======  03/25/13 15:58:50 IST  BEGIN swinstall SESSION
         (non-interactive) (jobid=hp-box-0191)

       * Session started for user "root@hp-box".

       * Beginning Selection
       * Target connection succeeded for "hp-box:/".
       * Source:
       * Targets:                hp-box:/
       * Software selections:
       * Selection succeeded.

       * Beginning Analysis and Execution
       * Session selections have been saved in the file
       * The analysis phase succeeded for "hp-box:/".
       * The execution phase succeeded for "hp-box:/".
       * Analysis and Execution succeeded.

NOTE:    More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
         command "swjob -a log hp-box-0191 @ hp-box:/".

=======  03/25/13 15:59:19 IST  END swinstall SESSION (non-interactive)

(root@hp-box)[/My_Depots] depothelper
depothelper: Must specify at least one package[-version]

Syntax: depothelper [options] package[-version] [package[-version]...]

Options are as follows:
-a specifies the machine architecture (ia64|hppa)
-c specifies the cache directory for downloaded files
-e set number of days before cache package expiry (default 93)
-f forces depot downloads/installs, even if already downloaded/installed
-h (or -?) displays this syntax message
-l [package[-version]...] lists packages with their dependencies. If no
   parameter is supplied, all installed packages are displayed
-n will download the depots but not install them. If -u is also supplied,
   then a list of depots (including any dependencies) to be uninstalled
   will be displayed rather than actually being uninstalled
-o specifies the depot OS version to download (11.11|11.23|11.31)
-p specifies that an FTP proxy server will be used
-r will remove downloaded depots that successfully installed
-u uninstalls the specified packages and if possible, uninstalls
   their dependencies as well

If -a/-o don't specify hppa/11.31, then -n is assumed (i.e. no install)
(root@hp-box)[/My_Depots] depothelper gcc
Package-version      Comment              Download        Install
hppa-11.31           Package list         OK              OK
gettext-0.16.1       Uninstall old ver.   N/A             OK
gettext-0.18.2       Dependency (01/03)   OK              OK
libiconv-1.11        Uninstall old ver.   N/A             OK
libiconv-1.14        Dependency (02/03)   OK              OK
zlib-1.2.3           Uninstall old ver.   N/A             OK
zlib-1.2.7           Dependency (03/03)   OK              OK
gcc-4.2.3            Requested            Downloading...
gcc-4.2.3            Requested            OK              FAILED


Hope it helps.

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