Mobile platform possibilities

Consumer cloud computing services are successful due to the sudden jump in smart phones and tablet kind of devices. Internet based services are now easily accessible to whole lot of users who do not use PC (personal computer).

Though virtualization being “one” of the main infrastructure components of cloud computing environment, it’s hardly popular on smart phone platforms though there are some mobile virtualization platforms available. To name few are VMware, Open Kernel labs.

But the question that I am trying to dig into is, would it not be cool if smart phone users have choice of installing/using either, say, Android or Windows on their phones/tablets and switch between these two? If one of the OS crashes then users will have option to switch to brand new OS on same smart phone/tablets ready with all apps. Yes! I am referring to availability part in consumer devices. Also as smart phone/tablets gets more and more smart in terms of high performing hardware that is being built, the more and more existing/future applications can be deployed in smart phones and who knows! the data center future may belong to devices of smart phone sizes. It is also quite possible that few of the server applications that are running on enterprise class server may no longer be needed as smart phone/tablets combined with high speed wireless internet may achieve same results with peer-to-peer connections.

As you see there are immense possibilities lying ahead. We have to just wait and see how these technologies will transform people’s lives in future ahead. I understand that I have listed very few possibilities so do post your comments with your views in comments below.

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