HTC ChaCha on low storage space

One of the problems with HTC ChaCha mobile phone is its low storage space. After installing two or three applications, it starts going low on storage space.  There are options to clear the memory space such as resetting to factory defaults that frees up most of the space but it is not always viable option.

The method that I helped me to get out of low storage space is cleaning up cache and data for most of the unused applications. To do that navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications. Now select your applications and start clearing Data and cache by pressing “Clear data” and “Clear cache” buttons. Caution: Note that these operations will delete all the data right from user name and password for that application. So exercise caution while cleaning up data and cache of critical applications.

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  1. HTC ChaCha does not has Sd memory card slot so we can extend the memory?

  2. I guess that's the problem with most of HTC phones. I have HTC WildFire and applications get installed on phone memory by default and have to move them to card to build memory. One suggestion, If you have Google maps and you are not avid user of the same, uninstall updates of the same. This will create lot of memory. But if you use it, I guess you have to go with your method of cache clearing.

  3. HTC ChaCha.. ufff.. what a horrible phone. Memory is not the only problem, proximity sensor is a crap. You end up talking to yourself many times as "mute" will get enabled without you noticing. Many times you can't type letter "g", while on the call speaker button getting changed to "End Call", and the list goes on and on..

  4. I have htc WildFire and applications get installed on phone memory by default and have to move them to card to build memory.
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