Windows Live Writer could not post to blogger solved


Generally I use Windows Live writer to post blog updates. However, for last few posts I couldn’t post using Windows Live writer as it was unable to authenticate with blogger.

Today I decided to drill down to the problem and found the issue was the two step authentication/verification that was enabled against my account. However, I was not in favor of disabling two step authentication either.

There is very easy way to solve this problem.  Just navigate to your account settings (Click your name on top right corner and then Account settings). Now under security select 2-step verification and press edit. Under “Application-specific passwords”, click “Manage application-specific passwords”. It might ask for password authentication and upon authentication “Authorized Access to your Google Account” page will be displayed. Now under “Application-specific passwords”, type in name of your application name e.g. “Windows_Live_Writer” and press “Generate Password” button. A new page with password will be displayed. Use that password with Windows Live Writer and there you go.

I tried it for my blog and it worked for me. This post itself uploaded using Windows Live writer after fixing the same problem. Hope this helps.

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  1. Thanks mandar, Just FYI that this problem would persist when your trying to access Google products from any other service or Google products which are not adopted to dual verification yet. For each such application we have create application specific password.

  2. A THOUSAND THANKS!! This has been driving me NUTS-I've been looking for the solution for 3 HOURS!!! I knew it had something to do with the Google authorization, but couldn't figure it the heck out---Bless you!!!!


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