Product Testing Vs Project Testing

Before we dive into differences of software Product Testing Vs Project Testing, it is essential to define the context that defines what software product and software project is.

A software Product can be a single software project or set of software projects owned by individual(s) or organization(s). Also, these software project(s) can be developed and tested individually or outsourced to different companies and finally integrated to work with each other to deliver end Product.

So the real difference is the scope of testing and requirements.

Software Product Testing Software Project Testing
Testing is performed for your/organization's own product Testing is performed for individual project from a client or different functional groups in same organization.
Market requirements influence the overall testing Clients or different functional groups that drive requirements influence the overall testing
Test Cases are reviewed internal to the organization Test Cases should be also reviewed by Client or different functional groups as well.
Product testing encompasses testing results of all individual software testing projects Project testing is very specific to the software project under test.
Product testing will be continuous activity if features are being added into a product over different releases. Since every project has its end date, software testing project also has its definite end date.

Do you feel any other subtle differences that worth noting in this post? If yes then let everyone know in comments below.

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