Cisco VPN - Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter

Cisco VPN - Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter

You are running CISCO VPN client on your Windows machine and suddenly while connecting one the listed VPN servers, you are presented with this error.
Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter
You tried very hard and still unable to connect even after rebooting your machine. This has happened to me two times. First time this error got resolved however, I didn’t note down steps that were required to resolve this issue. Yesterday, while connecting VPN I faced with same error again and decided to jot down steps to get around this error ‘Reason 442: Failed to enable virtual adaptor’
Below are the steps that works perfectly on my machine with Windows XP operating system. Please don’t curse me for not using latest Windows OS :)
+ Enable CISCO Network adaptor from network connections  CISCO VPN Network Adaptor in Windows XP
+ Right click on it ->Navigate to properties –> Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from General tab –> and again Click Properties
+ Now set it to receive IP address automatically by selecting “Obtain IP address Automatically”
+ Press OK and again ‘Repair’ this connection by right clicking same Network adaptor.
+ Once this whole process completes, disable the same network adaptor
And voila! I could connect to my VPN successfully using CISCO VPN client. If there is any other solution to solve this issue then do let everyone know in comments below.
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  1. Thanks for the help. I used this post to help me solve the 442 problem.

    1. Hi Dfullen,

      Thanks for your post...I was trying to figure out the issue from past few however.But the link you mentioned that fixed my issue.

      I am so glad...Thanks again.

  2. Awesome, worked right away. Thanks!

  3. Thank you. I hope you can help me because I feel like I'm so close now.

    When I click on repair I receive the message: "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed. TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection. Cannot proceed."

    Any suggestions? Many thanks!

  4. Same problem as Ashlie... No suggestions?

  5. @Ashlie: Assuming you are using windows xp, try verifying TCP/IP protocol item is loaded for this connection...

  6. Can u pls let us know how the TCP/IP issue got resolved. When i try to repair network (cisco) a am getting TCP/IP issue as mentioned above posts. Can somebody pls let me know how can resolve that issue. I am using windows XP.

  7. Had the same problem as Ashlie - went away when I disabled my wireless connection and installed a direct ethernet cable to my router.

  8. This Rock! Big Thanks Dude! - Watz

  9. I'm using Windows XP Home Edition, sp3 with McAfee antivirus. When I tried the fix that involved enabling vpn adaptor, setting tcp/ip to auto config, and then selecting repair, the message I would get is that it couldn't repair because tcp/ip wasn't enabled. I found out that by bridging the vpn with my hardware network adapter and then unbridging it, I was then able to do the repair on the vpn adaptor, and the connection now works again. Hope that helps.

  10. PS: cisco vpn version

  11. Thank you for sharing the solution to enable Virtual Adapter.
    US VPN

  12. I got an error with the tcp/IP as well but solved the problem by:

    1) entering fake numbers (anything other than in the IP adress, subnet and gateway will do) into the tcp/IP configuration.
    After that i pressed ok.
    2) i went back and put the marker on the "obtain IP automaticly" again.
    3) i the ndisabled the vpn connection
    4) everything works fine.

    It seems, that the IP-configuration just neeeds to have "some changes" applied and then changed back to normal in order for this to work.

  13. I thought it will eventually work when I disable and enable the network adaptor. Thanks for sharing this tips.

    data center

  14. Thanks for the tips! I fixed in Win7 by:
    1. opening Control panel and enabling the Local AreaConnection (the one that says Cisco), it was for some reason disabled.
    2. opening the properties of this connection and choosing automatic for the TCP/IPv4 settings.

    I was then able to connect without this error again. I'm using 64 bit driver and Windows 7.

  15. I had the same issue but it was resolved by disabling sharing.

  16. Performed the exact steps and it solved the problem. Thanks a ton!

  17. I have the same problem with windows 7. Any help?


  19. I tried this and it did not work for me.
    When you get this message with Windows 7 64bit..the network adaptor has to be reseted.
    Follow the steps in this to reset and reconnect.

  20. This has happened to me two vpn times. First time this error got resolved however, I didn’t note down steps that were required to resolve this issue.

  21. Hi. Thank you very much! I'm in a hurry and your recipe helped me dodging a critical issue! :) blessings!

  22. Dude!! I tried everything posted on the internet, from re-installing the client, to renaming entries in registry. The only thing which worked was what you said!!! Thanks a ton! The trick really was DISABLING the adapter after setting to dhcp. Only after doing this, cisco creates a NEW working adapter.

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