Software testing! What not to do….?

There are lots of articles and books available on web that tells software test engineers what to do while testing software. However, hardly someone focuses on things that should not be done while testing the software. The thought inferred by title of this post is always untouched. So below are few points that I come up with that should not be done while testing software.
  1. Not concentrating on automating test cases in long run
  2. Using non-standardized tools (in your Organization) while automating test cases
  3. Adding too many test scenarios in single automated test script that makes it difficult or cumbersome if only one of those test scenarios are failing.
  4. Skipping pre-conditions while designing test cases that lead to ambiguity while executing a test case.
  5. Making test cases too generic or independent so that whole workflow (of feature/module) becomes of no use
  6. Not providing appropriate Severity/Priority to a defect in bug tracking system.
  7. Not providing exact steps or providing ambiguous steps to reproduce a defect. These will unnecessary waste time of developer as well as software test engineer.
  8. Not defining proper scope of software testing in test plan.
  9. Not understanding a feature/product before executing test cases
  10. Not able to understand or troubleshoot test-bed where feature/product being tested
  11. Making too many assumptions while testing software product/feature
  12. Not having user centric approach (customer focus) while testing a product/feature
I understand that these are only high level points and we can still add few more. If you want to add something to the above list then drop it in comments below.

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