Differences Routing Vs Routed protocol

Similar to one of my old posts, Differences IPv4 Vs IPv6 protocol, I thought it would be interesting to list differences between routed protocol and routing protocol. I know it’s very basic; however, I am still posting it on this blog and trying to simplify the differences in tabular format
Routing Protocol
Routed Protocol
Helps router decide which paths to send traffic Actually sends traffic between devices running at layer 3 (network layer) in the OSI model
Routes a routed protocol datagram (packet) Routed using a routing protocol(s)
Allow routers to dynamically advertise and learn and use efficient routes to the destination Carry information used by Routing protocol(s)
Types(e.g.): Distance Vector Routing Protocol (RIP v1/v2, IGRP), Link State Routing Protocol (OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, NetWare Link State Protocol E.g. IP, TCP, UDP

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