Blogger blogspot URL prompts users before redirecting to custom domain

Due to some reasons, one of the URL(s) to access techsutram blog,, is prompting users with question “Do you wish to be redirected?” unlike its previous behavior.  It also states that “This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware.” (?).

Blogger Redirecting page

Previously users navigating to were seamlessly redirected to I am not exactly sure about the cause of this sudden behavior.

The redirection page also states that “” is not hosted by blogger. This is again confusing as  “” was moved to custom domain “” using blogger dashboard and all posts on this blog are indeed posted using blogger service.

Just found entry for this issue at

Is there anyone facing similar issue?

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  1. Yes... I'm screaming, feedburner is not updating my blog!!! I'm about to try walking (again) through your suggestions from March 30... what happened in the past 2 weeks to mess things up?

  2. Fixed the issue... I just removed references to blogspot in my publish and feed urls. I matched my publish url in blogger to my original feed url in and they synced!

  3. Post from March 30 was only a reference to solve one of the feedburner issues which worked for me. Glad that your feedburner issue is resolved now.


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