Single Sign-On (SSO) with Firefox! It is not just OpenID.

In my post, OpenID and I got too many of them, we had seen one of the problems with OpenID or Identity on web.There are several other issues as well and lots of people are working out to solve such issues related to Identity.

Mozilla labs has comp up with one such solution that will improve the situation of managing identity in the browser and will give experience of Single-Sign-0n on web regardless of login mechanism used such as OpenID or standard username and password specific to a site. Interesting isn’t it?

Mozilla labs has introduced Weave Sync to manage Identity based on their Weave platform. They have just released screen cast to demonstrate this feature.


Single Sign-On (though technically not true, it is a illusion created by Mozilla Weave inside Firefox) is achieved by intercepting login mechanism (in case of OpenID) and then Weave client logs into the site on behalf of user. Mozilla Weave client will also use usernames and passwords stored for other site to provide seamless and transparent authentication.  One of the best thing is Weave will keep all your bookmarks,browsing history, passwords and Firefox tabs in sync across multiple devices. So you can have same browsing environment all the time on your laptop, mobile phone, desktops etc. As per Mozilla Labs, they will first encrypt all data on client node (Firefox user node) before uploading it to Mozilla server in order to take care of user privacy issues. Another perspective is Mozilla Firefox is taking advantages of cloud computing, may be its implementation boundaries are limited today.

This feature is currently experimental and requires latest Firefox 3.5 beta. Then install latest Weave client.

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