Create Solaris Zone quickly

+ What is zone and container?
Solaris zone is a virtual operating environment that provides isolated and protected environment for running an application and when Solaris zone uses system’s resource management facility it is called as “Container”.

+ On which Solaris platform zones are supported?
Zones are supported on OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 onwards...

+ How to create Solaris zone?
Here are quick steps to create Solaris local zone…

#mkdir /zones/local-zone
#chmod 700 local-zone
#pooladm –e
#pooladm –s
#poolcfg -c 'create pset PSET_zone (uint pset.min=1; uint pset.max=1)'
#poolcfg -c 'create pool POOL_zone'
#poolcfg -c 'associate pool POOL_zone (pset PSET_zone)'
#pooladm –c
#zonecfg -z local-zone
zonecfg:local-zone> create
zonecfg:local-zone> set zonepath=/zones/local-zone
zonecfg:local-zone> set autoboot=true
zonecfg:local-zone> add net
zonecfg:local-zone:net> set address=<IP-Address>
zonecfg:local-zone:net> set physical=bge0
zonecfg:local-zone:net> end
zonecfg:local-zone> set pool=POOL_zone
zonecfg:local-zone> verify
zonecfg:local-zone> commit
zonecfg:local-zone> exit
#zoneadm -z local-zone install
#zoneadm -z local-zone boot
#zlogin -C local-zone

These are basic steps to get local zone running on Solaris box. For more details on Solaris zones and containers, download or read System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers-Resource Management and Solaris Zones.

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