Another blog is already hosted at this domain –

This article is a way to share my experience when I purchased my custom domain from Blogger or Google (Using Blogger dashboard). The advantage of purchasing through Blogger is that it will configure all DNS settings and Google Apps for your domain automatically.

However, after purchasing my custom domain ( through Blogger, I navigated to Blogger dashboard=>Settings=>Publishing to setup my blog with my custom domain. However, when I tried to save custom domain settings, following message was flashed.

“Another blog is already hosted at this domain”

I was surprised to see this message as it was expected that Blogger would take care of all issues while setting up custom domain and that was the primary reason I purchased custom domain through Blogger dashboard.

I also verified Advanced DNS settings from Google Apps dashboard (after registering custom domain through Blogger dashboard, email is received from Google Apps team containing URL for configured Google App for custom domain). Everything seemed to be correct. So where was the problem?

When I tried to type my custom domain URL in address bar of web browser then it redirected me to Google sites. After thinking for an hour and reading context of message displayed above (in red), I concluded that some other service was configured at the same address.

Hence, I logged into my Google Apps dashboard and observed that Google “sites” service was added by default. Considering custom domain URL was redirecting to Google sites, it made sense to me to remove Google “sites” service from my Google Apps dashboard (of my custom domain).

After removing Google “sites” from Google Apps dashboard, I again navigated to Blogger dashboard=>Settings=>Publishing and further navigated by pressing switch to “Custom Domain” link.

Blogger dashboard=>Settings=>Publishing : switch to Custom Domain

Now, after typing my custom domain in text box displayed after pressing “Custom Domain”, click on the link “Already own a domain?” called  “Switch to advanced settings”. Advanced settings

Now type custom domain name in a text box called “Your Domain” and try to “Save Settings”. And everything goes perfectly well without any errors.

Try to navigate to your custom URL using web browser and your blog should be reachable using custom domain name.

All these steps worked for me before 2 months. However, I am sure that there must be another way to resolve this issue. If you have that another solution then let us everyone know in comments below.

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