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In 24th Feb 2009 article, Online IDENTITY buzz resolved... , we had discussed about online identity. Most of us have different identities with different service providers such as yahoo, hotmail, Google etc.

This post is about a service called (Content Hub & Identity Management Platform). This is one more example of how cloud computing is helping different technologies. Just go to FAQ page at and select “how does work?” They are using Amazon EC2 and S3 system.


They help us manage and own our online identity on web. They provide free domain (So hurry, if you want to grab one for you) , OpenID and a website. You can consolidate all your identities at one place. e.g. you can add twitter,flickr,facebook etc…

I have just created my site called “”.


Currently I have updated my twitter and blog services on “” domain/site. I have also imported my Yahoo,Gmail contacts.  So this will give us a single platform to centrally manage most of our online identities.  I am really impressed by their concept. They also allow us to create multiple personas to help us manage our identity and relate it to different services and three personas (Friends, Public, Work) are available by default. See image below.


However, to my disappointment they currently do not support Orkut which,in my opinion, is one of the popular social networking sites in Indian subcontinent (You have right to disagree :) ). Hope to see orkut as a new crown in supported list of services as currently they are in beta state.

Just check it out and let me know your comments.

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