Cloud Computing: Anything as a service

We have already seen what is cloud computing? and few Open source projects for cloud computing.

We are also aware of Infrastructure-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, Software-as-a-service that form part of cloud computing environment.

A few days back, while going through Amazon AWS blogs, I came across article Virtual Stress-free Testing in the Cloud. I thought it is worth mentioning some context of that article in my blog. In that article, the author has listed few companies that provide software “Testing-as-a-service”. (I don’t want to list those companies here). I really found this concept, Testing-as-a-service, innovative as small and medium scale businesses can effectively benefit who either couldn’t afford or don’t want to invest in IT infrastructure.

There are also players who provide “Data-as-a-service” and there are few players that provide Security-as-a-service”. As more and more people start to become part of cloud computing, they will start looking for a security in cloud space.

So, yesterday I was thinking about possibilities of different services that could be offered as a part of cloud computing. So almost anything which we make part of cloud computing environment can be offered as service, I call it as Anything-as-a-service. Currently, I am not aware if there are any other terminologies referring to this concept.

Its advantage new ventures, who don’t want to invest significantly in computing hardware and software applications.

So in my view, we are heading towards IT plug-and-play environment that will dramatically cause the shift in IT business paradigm.  Just place the order and it will be served to you (in few minutes).  :)

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