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Bing search is Live


Microsoft’s latest search engine Bing is live. Get the tour of Bing features at www.discoverbing.com

I have tried to search for term “techsutram”. This is how it resulted on Bing (in image below). It returned 26 results unlike 431 results from Google. ( This may be due to beta version of Bing unlike full-fledged GA version of Google search.)

Bing: Search for "techsutram"

Well! it was a quick test. You can try different terms such as politics, finance, MACD etc…

However, Bing has pretty good enhancements over Google results. That makes everyone easy to navigate trough Bing search results.

So next time when you want to web search, will you say Bing or Google?

By Mandar Pise

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  1. Yeah.. You should try out the video search.. It shows a preview of the video when you place your mouse above the result.. Pretty cool!!


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