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TechSutram is online technical publication rebooted in 2017. ‘Sutram’ (सुत्रम) is a Sanskrit word which means ‘a rule’ or ‘a equation’ (it also means sacred thread but in some other context). So these two words form name TechSutram.com. The primary focus is on Cloud computing, Linux, Startups, IoT, AI and BlockChain ecosystems.

The Mantra that we believe in - Precise, Relevant, Profitable and Decisive information.

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We do not violate any copyrights, however, if you still find any improper content (possibly violating any copyrights) then please send email to write AT techsutram DOT com specifying URL and a short note describing why do you think it violates any copyrights. It's highly recommended to read disclaimer link at the top of every document or web page on TechSutram. 

Suggestions are welcome and you can contact us at the email address write AT techsutram DOT com

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