Saturday, May 16, 2009

Google Blog Search advances further

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I know most of the people know what blog or weblog means. However, there are lot of people who don’t know much about a blog or blogging. They only know a website like, etc… So here is small video from commoncraft explaining Blogs in Plain English.

In my opinion, there are two primary blog searches available on web. One is Technorati and other is Google blog search. Till now there was no match for Technorati for blog search. Google blog search is less known to the people unlike Google search. Now Google has made few improvements in their blog search service and likely to give tough fight to Technorati, not immediately but in future.

Though their are no official announcements about Google Blog search, Google tells Search Engine Land that it’s made several improvements under the hood of Google Blog Search. The post that breaks story and gets a lot of links is more likely to become the lead story on Blog search.

A quick search for “TechSutram” on lead to immediately listing current posts on


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