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Browse and find files on web in windows explorer like interface.

This is one more post which will elevate our internet experience. We had already covered few add-ons for developer and testers. There is new add-on for Firefox which will help us to find and browse information in windows explorer like interface. Here is how it works.

Just download and install OutWit Docs add-on. I have tried it on Firefox 3.0.8. Now navigate to Tools->OutWit->OutWit Docs or press OutWit Docs button on toolbar. It will open OutWit Docs interface…

OutWit Docs Interface

On right top corner search box, type in your search phrase(marked in Red) e.g. networking documents. Now we will get list of all files (as Icon view or as a List view) in our OutWit Docs interface as below…

OutWit Docs Interface with Files

Just remember that its a beta release (and read disclaimer on their site).

Are you gonna use it?

By Mandar Pise

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