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Structured web search with Google Squared

Google Squared, one of the latest Google labs services, is launched. Google Squared helps users to find facts about anything they search in itemized fashion just like spreadsheet.

Users can even add their own search items in their results and Google Squared tries to fetch relevant information from the web.

I have tried to search for terms “Security tools” and below is what we received.

Google Squared : search "Security tools"

As we can see, it returned 7 items. I tried to add another item in the list called “snort”

Google Squared : adding new item snort

And Google Squared tried to search relevant information from web for newly added item “snort”.

Checkout other search terms such as Automobiles,Planets, Prime Ministers of India ( or your country) etc…

So next time you want to search the web, what kind of search will you prefer, Google, Bing or Google Squared?

By Mandar Pise

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