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Attended Conference on Fundamentals of Cloud Computing at Pune

As a speaker to conference on Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

On Last Saturday (16th Nov 2013) , I was invited as speaker to the conference on Fundamentals of Cloud Computing by Unicom learning at Pune. I sincerely appreciate kind invitation to the Conference and my congratulations to Unicom learning on the fine Conference you organized.

It was one day conference and the crowd was around 50 (raw estimate) from different companies. The Agenda for the conference on Fundamentals of Cloud Computing was ranging from fundamentals of cloud computing to a real life case study in cloud environment. 

I presented "Cloud computing layers and technology enablers" topic and below are the few tweets from the conference.

Below are few tweets with pictures of me as a speaker:
+ https://twitter.com/ritesh_akh/status/401608291408551936       
+ https://twitter.com/ritesh_akh/status/401607619699146752
Other pictures from the conference:
+ https://twitter.com/ritesh_akh/status/401562009897955328
+ https://twitter.com/NiteshNaveen/status/401733679031926784
+ https://twitter.com/ritesh_akh/status/401591062226944000

+ https://twitter.com/ritesh_akh/status/401589870872625152

By Mandar Pise

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