Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive

Google Drive news is all over the internet. If you are not aware then here is the blog announcement. It offers 5 GB of (free) storage.

Now here is another service, Windows Live SkyDrive from Microsoft that provides 25GB of (free) storage and this service is pretty old one. However, storage is recently being downgraded from 25GB to 7GB. However, existing SkyDrive customers have been provided with option to keep 25GB of storage but with user’s consent.

So even MS has started earlier in the league with SkyDrive, considering penetration of Android on mobile devices Google drive has real advantage over Windows SkyDrive. SkyDrive supported and available on iOS. Personally I would love to have official SkyDrive app on my Android device but as of now there is none. But in case of no options on Android devices, users like me will start shifting to Google Drive though they would like to use SkyDrive.

By Mandar Pise

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  1. UPDATE:
    It seems Microsoft has released android based Skydrive app in Aug'12. Its available @


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