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Yahoo! 360° to close and new Yahoo! Profiles launches

Google has recently added profiles and vanity URLs to its services to improve its position in social networking. Now one more player, Yahoo!, has entered into the bandwagon by improving its old Yahoo! profiles pages.

Yesterday, I have received email that Yahoo! 360° service is closing and asking its users to head over to new Yahoo! profiles.

Yahoo! 360° closes and improves Yahoo! Profiles.

New Yahoo! profiles provides platform for improving social network using Yahoo! services. Users can now create connections, share feeds and updates similar to Friendfeed, create blogs etc.

IMO, Yahoo! will integrate its different services such as mail, answers around its Yahoo! profiles to provide more intuitive social experience.

But real question is that how many of us used old Yahoo profiles? Are you going to use new Yahoo Profiles?

By Mandar Pise

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