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Embed number crunching engine in Google search engine results using Firefox

WolframAlpha a latest entry in search engines has given new dimension to the way people will be searching the web. It’s a number crunching or computational search engine unlike Google search engine.

Now there is a way to embed all results from WolframAlpha right into your Google search results. The way it works is through Firefox add-on.

Just download and install Wolfram Alpha Google add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org and we are ready to go.

Below are Google search results for term “India” with Wolfram Alpha Google add-on in Firefox.

Google Search with Wolfram Alpha Google Addon in Firefox

Observe that on right side of Google search results all information is displayed pertaining to India.

Currently the way results are retrieved from WolframAlpha is bit slow. However, considering that Wolfram Alpha Google is just a initial version of this add-on, it will hopefully improve its performance in future.

By Mandar Pise

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