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World’s First Cloud OS: VMware vSphere 4

Yet another new development into Cloud computing domain.

Today VMware has announced VMware vSphere 4, a Cloud OS platform. As I understood (correctly?), it is a next generation of VMware Infrastructure that is will be called as VMware vSphere. The key difference between Cloud OS and OS (Linux,Windows,AIX,Solaris) installed on machine is that Cloud OS manages data center while OS installed on machine manages only that machine.

VMware’s vSphere will manage data center as depicted in image below and will comprise of two main components,

1. Application Services
2. Infrastructure Services

VMware vSphere 4 Cloud OS Image from 'vmware.com'

You can find announcement about VMware vSphere 4 at VMware site. You can also watch video available at VMware vSphere page to get more visual understanding.

So it seems VMware has edge over other virtualization players. Do you agree?

By Mandar Pise

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