Cloudflare buys Zaraz to Secure & Speed up Websites

Blockchain Intelligence startup TRM Labs raises $60 Million in Series B funding

Singapore based decentralized Web3.0 Public Network BBS Network raises $1.5 Million funding

New York based NFT platform Holaplex secured $6 Million in Seed Funding Round

Govt of India proposes National Framework to spice up use of Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Trading mobile application TabTrader secured $5.8 Million funding

NetApp upgrades Hybrid-Cloud portfolio to its Data Management solutions

Infosys & Majesco to help Digitally Transform Insurers

AI startup Mindsmiths secured $1.4M in Seed Funding round

Linux Foundation reveals Quantum Computing alliance to drive Interoperability

AI powered Financial Platform Fundbox secured $100 million Series D Funding Round

MasterCard partners with Bakkt to offer Crypto and Loyalty programmes

Blockchain Video Game Studio Blockade Games secured $5 million in Seed extension round

Tomographic imaging and AI solutions provider Rocsole secured €5 Million in Series A funding

AI startup extends Series C funding round to $73.5 Million with NVIDIA

AI customer service platform Netomi secured $30 Million in series B funding

Machine Learning startup Comet secured $50 Million in Series B funding

AI security startup Hakimo raised $4 Million in Seed funding

AI Vision startup Nexar secured $53 Million in Series D funding

AI Compliance platform Sedric secured $3.5 Million in Seed funding