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Ubiquity for Firefox: Interact with web using natural language commands

Ever wanted to connect your natural word commands to web directly! What if you just type ‘ask swine flu’ and your browser will search for ‘swine flu’ on ask.com.

Ask swine flu to Firefox (Ubiquity)

Answer from Firefox (Ubiquity) for "swine flu"

What if ‘email to vendor’ is typed in and Gmail is launched to compose your email message to your vendor. This is all made possible with currently experimental add-on from Mozilla labs called Ubiquity

Ubiquity gives a new perspective to interact with web using Firefox. Once Ubiquity is installed, Firefox can be told to do whatever you want by typing simple natural language commands such as ‘map this’ to map your location on Google maps. Ubiquity comes with set of commands that make common web tasks faster and easier. Ubiquity also allows extending its functionality by adding new custom commands as well.

You can administer Ubiquity by going navigating to  “about:ubiquity” in your Firefox address bar. On this page all Ubiquity commands and customization is visible.

You can invoke Ubiquity insider Firefox by pressing “CTRL+SPACE” on your keyword once it is properly installed on Firefox. I have tried it on Firefox 3.0.10 and works smoothly.

Below is the Ubiquity video from Mozilla Labs,

Being currently experimental, you can download Ubiquity initial prototype and refer to Ubiquity’s online tutorial.

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