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Perl Catalyst FormBuilder Plug-in and Jquery formwizard

Catalyst FormBuilder with Jquery Form Wizard

Recently I was working on popular Perl framework, Catalyst. One of the tasks was to generate form quickly and obviously used FormBuilder though it is no longer updated (I guess).

However, the traditional output of FormBuilder is not very nice as compared to newly designed forms so decided to integrate the same form (from FormBuilder) with jQuery Form Wizard. I have pretty lengthy form (around 20 fields) to fill.

Though it didn’t take me too long for Catalyst FormBuilder plug-in integration with jQuery Form Wizard what took most of my time is CSS.

Since I am not a good frontend designer, after lot of CSS tweaking I managed to generate nice form. And at the end, I am amazed to see such a nice wizard form with transition effects is generated using Perl and jQuery Form Wizard.

So instead of switching to any other language for designing website (backend), currently decided to stick to Perl. :)

Hopefully in next few posts, I will try to post sample code for this integration.

By Mandar Pise

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  1. After copy and paste the code to your site, you can change the form appearance, by modifing collors, size, etc, from your site web editor. When a visitor comes to your form and submits it, the form will send you an email with the submission

  2. A very good tutorial and helped a lot in understanding the basic concept. Thank you very much.


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