AIX Package Management

+ Installation of AIX packages:

#/usr/sbin/installp -a -d pkg.bff all   

#/usr/sbin/geninstall -d $PWD`for pkg in *.bff;do echo -n "I:$pkg ";done` all

NOTE: Replace 'I:' with 'R:' for .rpm packages

+ Uninstallation of  AIX packages:

#installp -u pkg1 pkg2 pkg3

+ List files in a package:

#/usr/bin/lslpp –f pkg1

+ Print information about package:

#/usr/bin/lslpp –L pkg1

+ Print package info about a file :

#/usr/bin/lslpp -w /path/to/file1 /path/to/file2

+ Verify installed packages:

#/usr/bin/lppchk –f

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