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Browser war heats up: Safari 4 claims to be the fastest

With recent releases of web browsers such as Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 RC, Google Chrome 2.0, Opera 9.6, here comes another web browser release Apple’s Safari 4 to heat up the web browser wars. Each of these browsers competing with each other in terms of rendering (HTML,JavaScript) speed. Now Apple’s Safari 4 claims that it is one of the fastest of all web browsers.

Safari Performance : i-Bench HTML

Safari Performance : i-Bench JavaScript

Safari Performance : SunSpider JavaScript

It is interesting to note that all above screenshots displays latest Mozilla Firefox 3.0 browser considering that I am a fan of Firefox.

Apple’s Safari 4 can be download from here.  Below is CNET video for Apple’s Safari 4.

So from software developers and testers perspective, it will eventually become mandatory to support and test all major browsers for their web based products as eventually people will have multiple options for web browsers in near future.

So which web browser will you prefer?

By Mandar Pise

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