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skimmer: a desktop social aggregator

We all know friendfeed.com, a popular social aggregator service. However, there are few services who offer such aggregators that provide desktop clients (offline) to aggregate our social information or updates from those big players.

Today we will see one such social aggregator called skimmer. Skimmer aims to enhance online experience of social services such as twitter, flickr,blogger,YouTube,Facebook etc.

Skimmer on Windows XP

In order to use skimmer, your have to install Adobe Air development platform on your computer. Then download skimmer from www.fallon.com. Once it is installed it prompts for registering your ID with skimmer and other authentications for your social services such as blogger,flickr etc which I found it really straight forward.

A point to remember that skimmer is still in beta so there could be some unwanted software experience. However, I haven’t had any such experiences with skimmer.

By Mandar Pise

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