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Portable Ubuntu on Windows

In my previous post, Bash environment on Windows: This is not Cygwin, we had seen one of the ways to run BASH shell on Windows.

Now this time we will try to run Ubuntu (Portable Ubuntu) on Windows XP. In order to install Portable Ubuntu, download it and run the executable.  That will extract the distribution to some folder (specified by user).

I have extracted it to “H:\Portable_Ubuntu” folder…

Portable Ubuntu : Extracted on local drive

and executed “run_portable_ubuntu.bat” file. 

Portable Ubuntu : Run "run_portable_ubuntu.bat"

It will launch Gnome desktop with side-bar by default at top. I just moved it at the bottom. See Portable Ubuntu in action below. Its updating online…

Portable Ubuntu : Running update wizard

System drive is mounted at ‘/mnt/C’ by default.  All other favorite Linux/Unix softwares can be right into Windows environment without rebooting into other environment. 

Portable Ubuntu : Access C Drive

One of my favorites is “screen”, a terminal multiplexer and its works smoothly. So how do you run Linux and Windows simultaneously? Share your views in comments below.

By Mandar Pise

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