Sunday, April 26, 2009

Identify - a Firefox Extension: Explore online profiles

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We all have different profiles across multiple social websites or online social service providers. This could be the case for anyone who has presence on the web.

So if you visit profile of someone, say at then how will your find how many active profiles pertaining to my identity are available on the web which are either searchable or publicly visible. One possible way is to go through web and try to find possible public profiles. I would prefer another way which I am going to explain it today.

So lets get back to my twitter profile at You need to have Firefox 3.0 installed on your machine. Now Get Identify - Firefox Extension and install it. After Firefox browser restart go to profile and press “Alt+i” on your keyboard. And voila! you will see different social public profiles pertaining to me.

Identify scimandar twitter account

This can be applicable to any profile and Identify will try to aggregate all social information available on net. Click image below to go to original website for this extension.


There are many use cases of it. How will you be going to use it?

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